When he was the coach of the Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson used to tell Dennis Rodman (after Rodman got hit with a technical foul during a game) "BOHICA." Finally, the press asked Phil what "BOHICA" meant...

Bend over, here it comes again.

You know, that same feeling with today's auto bailout. Bend over responsible taxpayers, you now have to bail out another group of people that made poor (and by poor, I mean "friggin' idiots that have had 30 years to fix their crappy cars and still can't figure it out") decisions. That's right, take money from people who know what they are doing and give it to those that don't. That's a surefire way to fix the economy, don't ya think?

Proud to have two foreign cars in my driveway right now. Unless my friends in Germany email me and tell me that workers from those companies are asking for handouts too...

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