The Christmas Tree from the Shire

Stop by your local ranger station, fork over $10, and the US Forest Service will let you cut down the tree of your choice almost anywhere in a National Forest. Such was the way we went about getting our Christmas Tree this year. Funny, at almost every trailhead, there are warning signs that if you so much as kill a blade of grass, you will destroy entire ecosystems and cause the immediate destruction of mankind. Fork over $10, and you can trample all the vegetation you like and cut down any tree you want. Go figure.

Our quest started on Saturday, and we spent an entire afternoon in several places in the Snoqualmie-Mt Baker National Forest looking for a tree worthy of our abode. And beating up my Audi too boot. We soon learned why there are Christmas Tree farms and why they charge a boatload for a tree - natural selection just doesn't create perfect, symmetrical, full Christmas trees very often. I'm sure they're out there, we just didn't see them.

We ended up going out Sunday morning and grabbing one 10 feet off the paved road that runs between the two exit 38s on I-90. Doesn't seem to sporting, but far as we can tell it was legit. It was actually a heavy rain, but don't worry, the family found shelter in our SUV while I destroyed nature.

I'm uploading pics now, will add them to this post later.

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