Latest family picture

Not calling this a Christmas picture although its that time of year. Last time we had our picture taken as a family was last Christmas, so we are due for a new one. It didn't scan too well, I'll have to play with the settings to try and improve it.


Katy said...

Wow! What a handsome bunch you guys are! I wouldn't know what it is like to get two boys to smile that nice in a photo.

James V Reagan said...

Yeah, well, you are seeing a rare moment in time. What you aren't seeing is me damn near beating the shit out of both of them for misbehaving most of the time. For a minute I for sure thought I was going to do my Homer Simpson impression and strangle them both. Generally Amy and I stop torturing the poor photographer and say "ok, we're done." I'm glad, and lucky, it worked out.

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas Katy!