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After 4+ years blogging here, I went through my biggest two month post drought ever. Life has been real busy, between ramping up of the little league season (where I have to get everything ready for the TBall season), and picking up a key, highly visible project at work, I haven't had time to even yell at my kids let alone blog.

Work is going very well. I made a smart move making the change to Microsoft, and while all jobs are going to have their challenges, I definitely fit in at the big M. Looking forward to the next six months or so and making a career here.

If it weren't being reported on CNN every three seconds, you'd never know by living in Seattle we are in a recession or that times are tough.

Spencer continues his climb through the Tae Kwon Do belt ranks. His next belt is his bodan, which is one step away from black belt. This is where they really start to ratchet it up and he needs to start putting some extra time in. I work with him the best I can, but if it ain't a video game, I'm not a lot of help.

I've become a Seattle Thunderbirds fan. Six games this year alone, and we will likely get season tix next year. Last time I adopted a new team was the White Sox when I moved to Chicago, so been 15 years since I've followed someone "new." The new ShoWare Center in Kent is awesome for hockey. Free parking, great sightlines, small arena (which means no huge crowds, no huge bathroom lines, etc), and a hockey atmosphere where everyone loves the game and is not there just because some corporation gave them tickets. Spencer and I went to Wednesday's playoff game by ourselves, we sat in the fourth row in the corner (had the row to ourselves), and we had a blast. Good guys lost, but the highlight of the night was Spencer and me getting on the overhead scoreboard.

Am I the only one who doesn't get "Earth Hour"? We only care about energy consumption one hour a year? Is that the message? My God, we as a people (globally) are just stupid. How the hell does our life expectancy continue to increase if we are so incapable of logical thought? The few intelligent folks out there must really have a positive impact on everyone else.

My car is six months and 10k miles past it's normal maintenance cycle. Damn I love German Engineering. Audi, I am sold for life.

I continue to hit the Pro Club 3-4 times a week. Spent three hours there yesterday in fact. Impressed that I am now starting to run without my knees or back killing me, and pretty close to being in good enough shape for a 5k. Amy even bought me smaller clothes as I was starting to swim in my old ones. Folks at work commented... "your wife go shopping for you?" Guess you can tell I am just not one cut out for clothes shopping.

Ironically, as busy as I've been, Amy and I have had the more "dates" in the past three months than we have in any three month period since Spencer has been born. We spent one date at the Pro Club, which while it sounds corny, is a pretty sweet place where some of the wealthiest people in the world (Gates, Allen, Ballmer) are members. Amy liked it so much she wants to go back. Another date we hiked Mount Si, and we both are so damn competitive that we insisted on not stopping so-as not to incur the heckling from the other. And our other date was a rather forgettable (for me) night at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle catching The Lion King. I. Will. Never. Do. That. Ever. Ever. Again. Ever. And I think Amy will make sure of that.

Purdue ended their season Thursday night. As great as last season was, this one was disappointing. A Big Ten tournament victory was nice, but that came after a lackluster big ten season (how do you lose 7 games in this conference?) and before a disappointing showing against UConn in the Sweet Sixteen. UConn all but gift wrapped that game for the Boilers, and they would have none of it. Still, great to see the Boilers back on the scene, and if Painter can find some frontcourt depth they will be tough next year.

The boys have both seemed to have turned a corner from a behavior perspective. Spencer, as hard as I am on him, has really been amazing the last couple of months. Keeping my fingers crossed that he can keep this up for 10 more years. And Garrett seems to be following suit. Still a 4 year old, with 4 year old reponses and tantrums, but he is also "getting in line" as he follows his brother's lead.

After six months of hard work Garrett is fully potty trained. Thank God. I thought he was going to be the first kid ever to wear diapers to Kindergarten.

Spencer is training to be a Jedi. Seriously. He chose not to dress up for "Wacky Wednesday" because "it's not the Jedi way." He also didn't want to sing in his recent school concert because "singing is not the Jedi way." I should have tried that line before decided to go to see The Lion King.

I am going through some inner turmoil on deciding what I am going to do for football season. I canceled NFL Sunday Ticket. I am fed up with the Lions, literally. I don't even know who their new coach is. Nor do I care. I suspect come fall I will be supporting the Seahawks more than the Lions. At least the ownership here seems to care about its fan base.

Now, I have to go turn some more lights on for "Earth Hour."

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Katy said...

Okay..I actually laughed so hard I cried at the "Jedi way"!!!! I might make that my new excuse for everything around here.

"Mom, I can we play Wii?"..."Sorry boys, it's not the Jedi way!"

"Mom, can we have candy?".."Sorry boys, it's not the Jedi way!"

Love it!!!