Thank you Matt Painter

Great to be excited about Purdue Basketball once again. Headed to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in 9 years. Wow, nine years. And pretty lean since then given Keady only got them to the dance once after that.

I didn't end up going to the game. Was planning on heading down and scalping tickets, but based on prices on the Internet ahead of time, plus Gonzaga and UW playing, I figured cheap tix would be tough to come by, and I would have had the boys with me. So ended up watching here. And of course every time I'd jump up Garrett would give me "Dad what are you dooo-ing?"

Great game, although the officiating in the second half was atrocious. The refs wanted it close, they got it.

This Purdue team is the most fun I've watched since Big Dog was in town. We have a point guard that can penetrate. Can't score, but at least he can break the defense down. We have someone in the middle who can play d, rebound, take the ball to the hoop, and hit a 15 footer. No wonder all Big Ten. We have two players that are capable of carrying the team on offense if they need to. And nice depth that provides 3-pt shooting, solid D, and decent rebounding. Weak in the middle in terms of depth, and I think that will be the achilles heel in the next round.

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