Yeah, it's been a while...

... and if I'm blogging it probably means I am pissed about something.

Damn politicians. If I hear one more of these idiots whine about AIG I am going to shoot someone. AIG is not the problem. Idiot politicians who dole out ridiculous sums of money from responsible taxpayers and redistribute that money to people who have demonstrated they don't know how to run a successful business is the problem. Plain and simple. Both sides of the aisle, at all levels of government, and the mainstream media that argued for the bailouts and now are whining about AIG bonuses. Duh.

Idiots. Schmucks like me knew this was coming, which is why you don't reward bad behavior in the first place, it begets bad behavior.

As President Reagan said, "Government is not the solution to our problems, government IS the problem!" And he said that when interest rates and unemployment were double digits, making today's economic problems seem trite.

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Reverend0 said...

Damn straight!