Garrett the rock climber

One of the interesting consequences of Garrett learning to walk in the Pacific Northwest backwoods is that he is already very well adjusted to the outdoors. He navigates rocks, hills, streams amazingly well, simply because that is all he knows. Today we went on a bike ride, and I stopped to find a couple caches along the way. Before I knew it he had climbed a small mound of rocks. Very cute, and he has a ball doing it.

I imagine he will climb Mount Si someday... I don't mean hike, I mean climb :)

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Danielle Roach said...

Hi James! It's Danielle. I check your blog every couple of days, just so I can keep up with what you, Amy, and the boys are up to...now that you guys are about 2,000 plus miles away. It sounds like you have been pretty busy with the boys since Amy has been gone to the MOPS convention. I love the pictures of Garrett climbing the rocks with his little bicycle helmet! Too cute! Thanks for sharing. Your blog helps me to feel "connected" to Amy despite the distance. Have fun with the boys this weekend!