I miss working at Whirlpool

I loved my job at Whirlpool, especially the work in the innovative connected home space. What great worlds we were going to conquer with ideas emminating from that group.

Alas, I got frustrated not getting sound product ideas into the product development pipeline, and left for what I hoped were greener pastures at Amazon.

When I joined Amazon I inherited a product that, for lack of a better term, "needed a little work." Two months ago I internally announced the release of my baby (at work): WebStore by Amazon. It was a complete rewrite, built with an AJAX interface, was integrated with our Merchants portal (SellerCentral), integrated with Froogle and Google Analytics, and comes with a Keyword Recommendation tool based on super-top-secret Amazon algorithms. Today, we went public with it. I posted this morning about it on my other blog.

Really feels good to see the long hours of market analysis, competitive product search, innovative product definition, and plain ol' rolling up of sleeves come to fruition. Alas, I made a good decision to come to Amazon.

I've since moved on to a bigger challenge, one that will make an impact on an entire industry. Can't wait for that announcement :)

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