24: 11am-12pm

Ok, has this show jumped the shark? Spoiler alert...

Once again, another show that really wasn't worth my time out of a busy day. Sigh.
We meet Jack's father, played by James Cromwell. I best know him as the bad guy from LA Confidential. He's still alive?

And, of course, a little foreshadowing with token hot arab chick getting reduced access to CTU computers, only to have single white guy give her access to the network. Not good. Sheesh, make it a little more obvious. I bet she's not uncovered as the mole until closer to the end.

And it is oh so comforting that the arabs in the detention center are not terrorists... they're just glad a nuke went off and glad that more will go off.

And Jack gets himself into a bind at the end, at the mercy of his brother now, who has given orders to kill Jack and his father. Given that there is still 18 hours left in the show, I wonder whether Jack will escape? Hmmm.

Last two shows have been lacking in any redeeming quality whatsoever. I believe the Jack kill count for each is zero. Huh? That can't be right. Although Jack did get a little torture in.

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