Spencer gets his orange belt

Spencer took another step towards being able to kick my ass at a young age by getting his next belt in Tae Kwon Do yesterday. I took off work to see him test, and was proud to see this little five year old do a back kick and break a board (I got it on video and will try to post it). The got his orange belt, and it must really signify something to him as I don't think I've seen him more proud of a belt step as I had seen last night.

I had been telling him for a couple of days that higher up on the belts means more difficult tests, and that he really needed to focus. He simply told me "Dad, I know you don't think I can pass, but I can!" Guess he showed me :)


Grandma said...

Congratulations Spencer!!!

We are proud of you!


Grandpa and Grandma Reagan

Michelle said...

Great job Spencer! Watch out James.