Interesting article on Jim Delany and BCS

Jim Delany is commissioner of the Big Ten, and while the author wants to crucify JD over the BCS and his opposition to a playoff, the reality is Jim Delany is doing his job - promoting and enriching the Big Ten.

Here's the problem I have, and it's not brought up in the article... there seems to be a conflict between the Big Ten Presidents wanting to generate more revenue, and the status of college athletics being tax-exempt. Are they revenue generators or not? You can't have it both ways... you can't claim you are running these programs for students, for the greater good, and get tax benefits, while at the same time pushing agendas that increase revenue at the expense of others. The universities are going to have to pick one side or the other. The IRS is already examining universities to see if they still qualify for tax-exempt status.

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