Well that was uneventful

Spoiler alert for 24...

Ok, so evil bald-headed mastermind from Day 5 is really Jack's brother. Well, this is fiction, so I guess that's ok.

I predict evil terrorist-turned-peacemaker dude is really a bad guy after all, and we'll find out in the next few hours that this was just a ploy to get intelligence on CTU. And I predict that token hot arab chick is evil as well, simply because she has added no value in the first five hours so far.

And I predict I will vomit if I have to hear President Palmer's sister open her mouth for one more second.

If 24 continues to follow its successful formula, tonight was a setup show for a big plot twist next week, including learning which of the current good guys is really a bad guy.

This week wasn't worth watching. They really need a 24 recommendations site giving a yea/nay vote on the show so that people can determine whether they need to tune in or just read the Cliff notes.

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