Bainbridge Island pics

Back in February we took a ferry trip to see Chris and Martin Kratt of Zoboomafoo fame at Bainbridge High School. We took the opportunity to check out this nice little island sitting in Puget Sound.

Ferry ride was only 35 minutes, and it has nice views of downtown Seattle with the Cascades in the background. The east side of the island reminded us of the Michiana Shores area in Michigan City, with the modest homes, residentially-zoned areas, and private access to the water. We enjoyed lunch at a decent barbeque joint in nearby Paulsbo, and we found a park for the kids to get out and stretch their legs.

Tried to get some pictures of Seattle and the Cascades, but by the time we started to take pictures it started to get dreary and we were a little far from Seattle for our camera zoom.

And yes, I thought seeing the chickens in someone's driving was quite funny. Made me think a little bit of Indiana followed us out west.

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