Go Boilers

Kudos for Matt Painter for pulling the Purdue Basketball program out of the Keady toilet. I am impressed he's been able to put together a solid team in just two years, and he has a top 5 (for now) recruiting class for next year.

Friday night they square off against Arizona. That should be a fun match up. Arizona has a boatload of starting talent, but have no bench and have underachieved all year. Should make for an interesting matchup, and the game will be Purdue's to win or lose. If Teague and Landry step up and deliver, chalk up a win for the Boilers. If not, it's one and out in Purdue's first trip to the tourney since 2003.

It's good to be excited about Purdue basketball again. Purdue has a fun offense to watch, plays hardnosed defense, and has some playmakers in Teague and Landry.

So, why can't the basketball and football teams be headed in the right direction at the same time?

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