So the Lions lose Bly and Hall on day one

Maybe this is part of Marinelli's plan, moving some players that are not a fit for the defense. Bly didn't exactly have a stellar year, and Hall certainly hasn't stepped it up. But, the Lions didn't get anything in return, either. Tatum Bell sure seems like another Orlandis Gary. While I'm not happy with Kevin Jones as the starter, adding another so-so RB help the situation.

And, since I'm talking about the Lions, let's starting thinking draft. I'd like to see the #2 pick go toward a stud DL and shore that up; however, I just don't see anyone on the draft board fitting the bill that warrants a #2 pick. Assuming Calvin Johnson goes #1, the Lions should take Joe Thomas, and build their OL around him. Instant help on offense, especially for Kitna's backside.

What happens if da Ray-dahz don't take Johnson (I assume they would take Joe Thomas in that scenario)? Wow, that's interesting. Do the Lions take him? No, trade down a few spots. Someone will give up a late round pick to move up and take him. While he, Roy Williams, and Mike Furrey would make for a great trio, the Lions have too many needs (hence the #2 pick) to stockpile WRs. And look at the lack of talent and depth on D that focusing on three WRs in the first round left the team over the past few years. And once, traded down, take the best overall player available. And that may mean JaMarcus Russell. Wouldn't mind seeing the Lions take a chance on him, and let him develop over the next couple of years. Shoot, it's not like they are contending for the Super Bowl next year. Or, if they can trade down AND get Adrian Peterson, wow. Take it.

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