Finally some progress and sense

This is what I like to read. Unfortunately stories like these are few and far between. Kudos to the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

For those that haven't followed the CAIR/Iman/test-of-US-security story, six muslims, while boarding a plane, basically acted as if they were terrorists. Praying before the flight, asking for seat belt extensions (even though they weren't overweight) and putting them under their seat, and not sitting in their assigned seats - instead sitting in classically hijack formation in pairs at the front, middle, and back of the plane. When asked to deplane, CAIR (an org whose leaders have been convicted of having ties to middle eastern terrorist orgs) files a discrimination lawsuit. Even the FAA and FBI said the passengers and US Airways acted appropriately. But of course they did. Cries of discrimination, like they always have been, are used to put the fear into people from speaking out against that which is wrong. And CAIR is playing that card, as it has been played so well in the US over the last 20+ years (at least as long as I can remember).

And I never did publicly give kudos to Barbara Boxer for standing up against CAIR. Kudos to you, Barbara. I may never agree with any of your policies, but great to see our representatives stand up to terrorist organizations.

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