Another dead mouse

For the second time in a couple weeks we found a mouse in our house. The first time I had fallen asleep on the couch on a Saturday night, and awoke in the middle of the night to a rustling in our cabinets. I figured it was a mouse, checked it out, and watched the little bugger scurry away. So off to the hardware store to get a couple of mouse traps. Got him the next night - BOO YA! One thing I learned husbands are good for is disposing of dead mice that are sitting in your kitchen. A second thing is killing spiders. When I figure out a third thing I will blog about it.

So yesterday Amy found a bag in the pantry that had been opened, and speculated that we had another mouse. She set the traps last night, and sure enough right before I head out the door for work she asked "did you set the traps?" So Spencer (who will be seven years old in less than a month) runs to the pantry, checks out the traps, and goes "Uh oh, he's dead. That means he can't breathe anymore." Being a good dad I showed Spencer how to dispose of a dead mouse effectively without actually touching it.

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