Who from the Midwest reading this...

(and there are a lot of you... I track you folks)... felt the earthquake this morning? Please leave a comment and describe it.

That would freak me out. Tornados, cool. Driving in blizzards, even cooler. Earthquakes, argh.

I bet good money I will read one report that says "earthquakes in the midwest are due to global warming."


Chris Peckham said...

I felt it....and I felt the aftershock that happened about an hour and 45 minutes ago. The earthquake itself happened about 5:40 AM. It didn't wake me up, but it woke my wife up, who in turned freaked out and woke me up. The bed could definitely be felt moving, though it wasn't like we were nearly thrown off. Honestly, the sound of things moving around was more noticeable than the vibrations from the quake. The television in our armoire was bumping around. It basically sounded like somebody knocking quickly on our furniture. Had I not been awakened from a dead sleep, I would have likely been more attuned to what was actually happening. As it was, the noises stopped after a few seconds and I rolled back over and went to sleep.

About 11:40 AM, I was sitting at my desk and felt the aftershock. I would describe it as the equivalent of sitting at a table with somebody who's a "leg shaker." It just felt like somebody was rather lightly bumping/moving the desk. It lasted 5 - 8 seconds and that was it.

Kinda cool to say you've felt one, but had I not been lying/sitting nearly motionless in both cases, chances are I never would've even noticed. A friend of mine at the office said she was on her elliptical machine in the morning and was oblivious to the original quake until she heard about it on the news. I'd say anybody who was up on their feet and moving around wouldn't have noticed a thing.

Chris Peckham said...

Oh - and how could I forget. Today is the warmest day of the spring yet, so you're correct - this can't be coincidence. The suns rays are searing through our atmosphere to the point that we're now heating the earth from the inside out. The subsequent increased magma temperatures at the earth's core caused an exothermal event, resulting in movement of the earth's crust.

Katy said...

Well, I was going to post my story...but it looks like my husband beat me to it. Mr. Detail Orientated didn't leave me much to say. Most of our neighbors felt the 5:40 quake and freaked out as well, so it wasn't just me freaking out! Needless to say, this was my first earthquake experience.

I was outside when the aftershock was felt and I didn't notice it at all.

Anonymous said...

James, Up here in Evart the quake was felt. there was some sizemic activity felt. This was reported to us though the Emergency Management office and some local residents.