My Amazon Kindle feature requests

Now that I've had my Amazon Kindle for a couple weeks now, I really like it, and I can highly recommend this device, and I can now taunt Juergen because I have one and they don't have them in the EU yet.

But I do have some feature requests:

1. A backlight would be nice. Hard to design in with the eInk display, I know. And it would drain the battery faster. But still nice to be able to read it when the lighting conditions are less than optimal.
2. A "have already read" indicator. Especially useful for newspapers. I forget what sections/articles I've read and which ones I haven't. Be nice to be able to thumb through unread articles only, bypassing ones I've read.
3. Some sort of indicator of size of article, book, etc. When I start an article I don't know if its a 2-pager or a 30-pager. Since I use my Kindle when I can spare a couple of minutes, there are times when I don't want to delve into a long article.
4. Ability for the blog reader to read any RSS feed/blog, even if I have to pay for the access. Right now I can only read blogs that the Kindle offers. No reason I shouldn't be able to add my RSS feeds and read them on the Kindle. Seems like an easy revenue generator.
5. Some sort of membership club like audible.com has - pay a monthly fee and get so many credits toward books. A win-win for both parties - I get to save on eBooks, Amazon gets a steady revenue stream.

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