Favorite Pixar Movies

Sitting at lunch, not wanting to open up a spreadsheet, thinking of a simple blog post to throw out there... here it is, my favorite Pixar movies.

5. Toy Story 2. Zurg is cool.
4. Monsters, Inc. The funniest, IMHO, but the plot was not that well put together. Pixar movies have great stories, and this one didn't reach me.
3. Toy Story. I'm inclined to rate this #1 since it broke the mold, but if I were picking out a movie to watch right now it falls to #3.
2. The Incredibles. If I wasn't married and didn't have kids and haven't put on so much weight since college, I probably would not appreciate the humor as much. As it were, this is hilarious.
1. Cars. When I first saw the previews for this, I thought it would be a dud. John Lassiter is amazing.

There. I'm sure you're wishing you had the minute that you spent reading this back.

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