What a great game

Great games are always to be cherished, no matter whether your team wins or now. The Wings put together a great effort tonight (still tonight on the west coast... hell, it's still early and its an hour after the pens sealed it) only to come up short.

While nobody will put this with the Carolina OT win in 2002 or the March 26, 1997 game against the Avs, this was a great game in a lot of great games in Wings lore. Glad I was able to see it and glad I stayed up through 5.5 periods. The Wings had their chances and never sealed the deal. Oh well, makes the series more interesting I suppose.

The law of averages tells me the wings will win the cup, just a matter of time. If not Wednesday then Saturday.

This game reminded Amy and I of the 1995 game 3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks. Late in the second OT of that game, and just after midnight, Vladimir Konstantinov flicked a puck from the blue line into the Hawk zone, only to have Eddie Balfour mishandle it and the puck dribbled into the net. Our seats were in the club level on the end and right above that goal, and I remember being tired, watching the play, not expecting a shot on goal, happening to look down and see the puck sitting in the net, and thinking "hey, the puck is in the net." And then after a couple of seconds reacting to it along with the several thousand wings fans in attendance.

And by the way, officials, if you're going to swallow the whistle in OT, swallow the whistle. 8 power play minutes for the Pens to 2 for the Wings is utter bullshit. Call it both ways.

And a big F U to KING 5 Seattle who decided to put the game on their sister/same-sex-domestic-partner station KONG in non-ND. We are close to Vancouver, no? Show the damn game on the primary NBC station, would ya?

Looking forward to game 6 Wednesday night.

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Reverend0 said...

yep great game! Wish the wings had pulled it out. Plus the refs where attrocious, but it really feels like they want to make Crosby into the second coming of gretsky. Stupid refs.