Now THAT was cool...

So I'm chillin' on the back patio, enjoying a Black Pearl cigar, just put the kids to bed, its 9:30ish or so, a calm, breezy, cloudy evening in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. I am relaxed, kicked back in my favorite patio chair (the one Garrett always takes when we eat outside), feet up on the table, letting the stress leave my body a bit at a time.

It's basically twilight at this time of night, and slowly but surely the clouds start to open up. A wee bit here, a little bit there. A star peeks through overhead, another peeks through to the west. Ooh, the big dipper emerges.

Over the time span of an hour, the sky just opened up, one small bit at a time. It was amazing just to sit and watch it happen. And I got some long needed star gazing in, something I haven't been able to do since winter.

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