Back from Oregon

Will post some pics later today, especially of our amazing hike up Angel's Rest. We cut our trip short last night from our trip down to the Columbia River Gorge. Beautiful area of the country; unfortunately our trip was bittersweet as our car got broken into while we were hiking Angel's Rest. My work laptop and Amy's purse were stolen, but that was it. Spencer was actually quite funny during the ordeal. While I was on the phone with credit card companies and Amy was talking to the Deputy from the local sheriff's office, Spencer got out his . He and Garrett, despite missing lunch and closing in on 4pm (our hike took us 5 hours) was such a trooper while we were cleaning up our stuff.

Apparently, and this is news to me, vehicle breakins (or even vehicle theft) is not uncommon in Northwest parks. Several hikers stopped by and gave us some advice (not sure it would have helped... we had everything out of site, car locked, and back of car to the parking lot), and talked about how common this has become in the area. And, Googling last night on this uncovered that this is an apparent problem in the Northwest.

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