Yet another iTrip mini

Sigh. My fourth. This one I had to get off eBay, as retailers aren't carrying them anymore.

I really like the iTrip mini for its ease of integration with the car audio system. No wires (like with a cassette or CD adapter), and its form factor is simply an extension of the mini. Plus, its cheaper than anything else out there (although I am on my fourth...argh). I've been without a way of listening to audiobooks in the car on the drive to work (with my recent product launch I've driven myself more than I've vanpooled), and it's driving me nuts.

So, why am I on my fourth iTrip mini? Glad you asked.

The first one simply stopped working after about a month. Hoping it was an anomaly, I bought another, and that lasted a while. Until I snapped the plug off it. Argh. This last one, I don't know what happened, but one day the pins were bent all over the place. Hmmm, I do have two kids... gee, might they have had something to do with it?

Speaking of the iPod mini, it is truly a shame that Apple doesn't make them anymore. Very durable, small form factor (small enough is small enough), lotsa storage. The durability is key for me. I am in the market for a new one when I can get a decent deal on eBay. This second one I will put songs on for the kids. I'm tired of deleting my stuff for theirs when we go on trips :)

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