Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls are apparently the most popular falls in the Columbia River Gorge area, an area that has the highest concentration of falls in the Northwest. We set out for here on Saturday, but no parking was available, so we headed out East a few miles to do some geocaching. When we got back we grabbed some lunch, and headed up the one mile, 600 foot elevation gain trail to the top of the falls.

Hike wasn't terribly interesting, as it is paved, and really didn't have any views or interesting scenery until the top. The top was nice, as it was more than just falls - the trail took you along the stream at the top.

Taking a break at one of our failed cache locations. This vantage point, which is right next to the river, had great views of the Columbia both west and northeast.

To do some geocaching, we departed the Interstate and took the old Columbia Highway, a 2-lane road that winds through the Cascades, higher up and more inland than I-84 does. We found this part that had some amazing views. It was interesting that way down below was a popular tourist viewpoint... apparently the state doesn't give the best views away :)

We finally made it to Multnomah Falls after a lot of side stops.

The view from the top of the falls.

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