Review: Day 3 of my Garmin 60CSx

I love it! While my eTrex was certainly a good device, I found it lacked the following:

  • Compass capability while not moving
  • Weak signal detection
  • Not very accurate... never got within 30 ft or so accuracy
  • Only 500 waypoints... I need a lot more than that!

On the plus side, very usable and simple interface, and very capable of supporting geocaching within the above restrictions.

So, off to find an alternative. After a lot of research, I ended up with the Garmin 60CSx, which gives me an electronic compass and a much more accurate positioning capability. Tried it out yesterday on a cache downtown, and bam, put me spot on. Nice to not have to look in a 50 ft radius!

A nice addition that I didn't realize I was getting was the mapping function. It stores street maps in the device, and overlays those with cache waypoints. Very nice for getting a notion of where city caches are located.

One thing I will be able to do with it, that I couldn't with the eTrex, is use as a automobile navigation device. Since I don't have an updated Navigation CD in my Audi, I am without help, and with the winding roads in Western Washington mountains, I find navigation systems to be a real nice-to-have!

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