Now for some complete nonsense

Ok, it's late, I'm watching Spencer to make sure he's ok, I just poured myself a bowl of Life cereal, and I am too tired to work anymore.

Now what?

Hmmm... let's fire up Google Analytics and see what people are searching on to find my blog!

I set my date range to the beginning of my Google Analytics account (November 2005) up to the present date, and performed a keyword analysis.

So, what are people searching for that find my blog?

  • The most popular term is "geocaching", accounting for 29.14% of visits.
  • Next most popular is "Rattlesnake Mountain hike", coming in at 5.76%. There are a number of hiking variations as well; in total, coming in at another 25% of hits.
  • Lots of individual hits on variations of "Snoqualmie Ridge"
  • Lots of individual hits on variations of "Bob Brinker"

None of which are suprising given that, I, uh, blog about those things!

The more interesting piece is perhaps this subset of the hundreds of terms that show up down the list that generate a hit to my site:

  • "stairway tipping studies" (WTF?). Brian, if you are reading this, look it up and add to Duh!Scoveries!
  • "apartment above potbelly's in West Lafayette". Mmmmm... Potbelly's
  • "psychological analysis of the Incredibles". Dude, it's a movie.
  • "hot dog npv". WHAT? Is someone really trying to figure out the Net Present Value of a Hot Dog??? And how the hell would my blog show up on that search???
  • "carpet color decorating rules stairway living"... huh?

And thus ends my most useless blog post in the last couple years... and that's saying something!

1 comment:

Brian Erst said...

It appears that you somehow managed to reference both "The Tipping Point" and painting your basement stairway within the same Blogger page.

One of the areas where Google can fall down is allowing terms that are separated by far too many words to trigger a match.

That someone is convinced that there is such a thing as a "stairway tipping study" is just... sad. This blog entry is the only place on the web that contains that phrase, and "stairway tipping" only hits this site and two others.

There are, however, plenty of stairway tripping studies, so maybe it was a typo. One can only hope so for the sake of our species...