Live blogging from eBay devcon

Despite my body still being on West Coast time, I made it to the ebay Developers Conference this morning. The keynote presentation was performed by Kevin Lynch, Chief SW Architect, Adobe. Kevin introduced a really cool platform Adobe is announced called Air. Looks good, nice cross-OS application platform. My first reaction - isn't this what Java was supposed to be? It looks like Adobe has spent more time on the UI piece than Java did; hopefully Adobe didn't skimp on what makes Java great - threading and network programming. I do like the direction of combining the web and the desktop.

Following Kevin, Alan Lewis from eBay introduced Project San Dimas, an eBay desktop application built on top of Air. Looks very good for a first pass. I signed up for the beta (announced today)... will report on how it goes if there is not an NDA for it. You can sign up as well at this link.

More later!

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