A lot of hiking this weekend

Amy is out of town this weekend, so the boys and I headed to Mount Rainier on Saturday. Wasn't sure what would be open, as its still early in the season (most roads/trails on Rainier itself don't open until mid-July) and I already knew Sunrise would be closed. So I picked a few trails from Best Hikes With Kids In Western Washington, packed the car, and took off on our 90 minute drive to Mount Rainier. Turns out my top two hiking spots were unreachable due to closed roads, so we finally ended up at the Greenwater Lakes Trail. Nothing really exciting - your standard forest trail winding along a river. After a mile and a half we arrived at a Lake, had a nice picnic lunch, and headed back. We took a lot of time there and back to enjoy the river and the surroundings, so much so that our total time there was three hours.

On the way back, we grab some McDonalds and headed up to Snoqualmie Pass for a picnic dinner at the Asahel Curtis picnic area. They have a nice trail that wanders along one of the forks of the Snoqualmie River, and we took that for about a half a mile.

Finally, on Sunday, we packed up the car and went with our neighbors and good friends Tom (the dad), Jack, and Abbey up to Denny Creek Slippery Slab for the first natural waterslide visit of the summer. Always a great hike, and this time we were treated to snow on the trail! Very interested sweating in shorts while walking on snow on a 70+ degree day. As expected, the water was frigid, and there was too much water to play on the slide (but the kids had fun nonetheless). We all enjoyed a nice picnic lunch on the huge rock formation under a cloudless sky. Garrett hiked most of the way up and all of the way back. And of course he fell a bunch but that never deterred him.

We bought some nice contraptions for Spencer's Camelbak (the Camelbak is a backpack that has a water system built in allowing for drinking water while you're hiking without having to retrieve a water bottle - it dispenses through a "hose" that you put up to your mouth). First, we added a valve to it to shut it off while transporting to avoid risk of leaking out the mouthgard side. Second, Camelbak now makes a mouthgard cover that fits nicely and unobtrusively to keep dirt away from the mouthgard. Spencer thinks both are cool :)

Some pics...

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