Whale Watching Videos

A few comments first.

Capturing video on a bobbing boat was tough. Amy did a better job than I did in steadying the camera. My apologies if you get seasick watching these videos.

Second, the Google Video quality is not that good. If you want the original, email me (or post in the comments) and I'll send to you. These videos are 50MB to 130MB, so hopefully you have a gmail account.

Third, the video doesn't do the experience justice. But I decided to post nonetheless.

Fourth, I can't figure out how to embed my Google Videos in this blog, so I'm posting links. Sorry.

Ok, this first one is a nice 90 second wide angle shot of three whales, including a baby whale (probably can't tell from the video).

A close up, but like with all our close up video it was tough getting the entire whale spotting in the frame.

Another close up.

Not as good as the others but a clip nonetheless.

I'll upload some more video later. Maybe when I figure out a better hosting service :)

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Reverend0 said...

I know for a while that Mr. Knight was using a service called Vimeo. Seemed to have much better quality. Alternatively, if you want, I have some spare bits and bytes on hosting service I use, I could host the video on my rented server.