Spending a few days in Bahhhstin

I'm attending the eBay developer conference here in Boston for the next few days. I took the red eye in from Seattle last night, tried to get some sleep on the plane (didn't really work), and now my sleep schedule is way out of wack.

Going to take the hotel shuttle down to Boston Commons, find some food, then do some geocaching and walk around a while. Looks like I can spend quite a bit of time exploring the Commons and Boston Harbor. I didn't bring a camera, maybe I should have.

I will say, I actually laughed on the way to the hotel when, at a stoplight, three cars sounded their horn the instant a trafficlight turned green. And the driver later ran a red light. You just don't get that in Seattle, and having spent 35 years of my life in Chicago and Detroit, it was nice to see some impatience and people who actually seem like they want to get somewhere.

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