A quick hike near Mount Washington

Garrett and I set off yesterday with the intent of taking a hike up one of Mount Washington's trails. We started off on a steep, rocky trail that winds from a parking lot off I-90 (Exit 38, along a beautiful creek, and finally up to the Iron Horse Trail. A nice warm up hike, and Garrett tackled it all by himself. Not sure what the elevation gain was, but I'm guessing about 400 feet.

After we got to the trail, we headed east back across the bridge over the creek, looking for a trail to take us up Mount Washington. No such luck, only trail we found was too steep for Garrett, and I wasn't even comfortable trying it with Garrett on my back. So, we headed west for a mile or so, and finally found a trail that was passable. I pulled out my PDA, looked it up, and found out that it was a steep, 2 mile hike up, and given the time (after all the trail searching it was late morning already), I took a pass. But at least now I know where to start next time :)

Garrett making his way up one of the steeper parts of the warm up trail.

The trestle in the background is the Iron Horse Trail, a rails-to-trail that spans the Cascades via Snoqualmie Pass.

Garrett and I discussing which way to go - he doesn't know either!

A nice shot of the Cascades... this is looking east-southeast.

This is the trail we found east of the bridge. Garrett gave it a good go, but no such luck.

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