Installing a Linksys WGA600N Gaming Adapter

Lately I've been unhappy with my Xbox Live connection speed, and with the number of wireless devices sharing my 802.11n wireless router, I decided to buy my first 802.11n client device. Linksys makes a 802.11n wireless game adapter that supposedly will work with my Xbox 360. So I ordered one to upgrade my "ancient" 802.11g adapter.

Got the product today, open it up wondering whether it would install seamlessly on the 360... no such luck. It comes with an installation CD that runs only on Windows. Bah, what to do. I get on Linksys web site, look for some docs or tech specs, no such luck. Ah, but they do have online chat support, so I try that. Sure enough, after a while, a tech support dude tells me I can use a web browser, connect to the factory default static IP ( and configure the wireless settings that way.

My *.*.1.* subnet is occupied by my Vonage router, so I connect it up and sure enough able to play with the device settings to my liking. Take it to the 360, connect it up, run through the "Test Connection" wizard... and for some reason DNS is not working. Argh. Back to connecting it to my Vonage router. I gamble and change the setting to dynamic from static IP (this is only supposed to affect the IP address of the device) and disable some other features I've never heard of, and sure enough it worked.

So how was the performance? No worse than my old adapter, and at times I did notice I got a four-bar signal, something that never happened with my old adapter. Most importantly I don't think my Xbox Live connection will crap out anymore whenever someone gets on the computer and starts downloading their favorite Youtube or MP3s.


Anonymous said...

My set up of WGA600N was a little different. I picked up a used unit without the installation CD and I could not figure out how to manually access the router via My router is a Dnyex wireless enhanced G, but as long as your router supports Push Button Configuration (PBC) you can follow these steps:

1.Push the reset button on the back of the WGA600N box for 5 seconds to restore factory settings.

2. Use your computer to log into the wireless router, which should also be hooked up to your modem, then plug in the WGA600N via the ethernet cable to the same computer.

3. Go to your router's Wi-Fi Protection Step (WPS) (which in my router was loacated in the wireless tab).

4. Click "Start PBC" in the router's WPS menu and you should see a blank pop up window.

5. Push the PBC button on the front of the WGA600N within 2 minutes of step 4 and the pop up window on your computer should close.

6. Wait until all lights on the WGA are solid green. Then unplug the WGA600N from your computer, and hook it up to your Xbox360, and let the fund begin.

Anonymous said...

I also used the Push Button Configuration (PBC)but was even easier then the first guy. I have a TrendNet Wireless N Gigabit Router TEW-633GR. So I just went to the routers website and started the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It indicated it was searching for a signal. Went to the living room where the Adapter was set up and pushed its button. About a minute later it was found by the router and was all set to go.

Plan on getting a switch to add to it so when I up grade the TV I can get a media center computer and maybe a PS3 to add to it and share the adapter.

Mogwai PR said...

just go to www.portforward.com

setup your AccessPoint to port forward to the Xbox.

Make sure you put your Xbox in static IP address.