This is pretty pathetic

The Seattle Times is disclosing some emails to the University of Washington outlining fans input into Ty Willingham's status as head coach.

I am all for customers (that's what the fans are, customers) withholding support for tickets, merchandise, etc related to the product in question - after all, college football is run as a business, and as tickets go up in price there's no reason not to expect a better product on the field.

But to make a choice not to fund a non-athletic scholarship based on the employment status of the head football coach? That crosses the line of reason.

Fortunately, I don't know anyone personally who takes things that far with their program, whether its my Purdue friends or friends of other schools. Unfortunately, I do know programs like Notre Dame have a boatload of alums who do take things that far. When its ND, I simply lump it into the "well, that's why I have a problem with ND." When it's a state university (and a high quality one at that), well, now I have a problem.

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