Sledding at Hyak Sno-Park

I took today off and the family spent part of Garrett's third birthday at Hyak Sno-Park in the heart of Snoqualmie Pass. We originally planned on going tubing at Summit at Snoqualmie, but the 1:30 session was sold out (we arrived there at 1pm) so we headed down the road to Hyak. After paying the $10 parking fee we found a parking spot in a busy lot.

It was a gorgeous day today - not a cloud in the sky all day so far as I could tell. The kids enjoyed sledding for a good couple of hours before the sun "set" at 3:45 (the sun just goes behind the mountains... which makes it pretty cold).

Many people tailgated which seems like a great idea. No food or restaurants within 20 miles save one gas station.

Compared to the $75 we would have spent tubing, we a) got more sledding runs in and b) had more flexibility on how we spent our time. We'll be back.

Picture gallery is here.

Yep that's some deep snow.

Cool pic on our drive home. The snow in the Pass was about 10 feet high!


Umesh said...

Thanks for the tip and photos. I was thinking of going tubing with the wife at Snoqualmie tomorrow, but this sounds more fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, will go.

Anonymous said...

Parking fee is now $20. When we went yesterday, the main sledding hill was closed, and only the tiny run for 5-yrs-old and under was open.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, James. We finally got Darius a sled and we're anxious to go try it out. Hyak Sno-Park sounds great.