New Garmin Colorado 400t - exclusive from REI?

Got a really cool email today from REI... Garmin has created a new, wireless sync, topographical maps included GPS receiver. Drool. Called the Garmin Colorado 400t, it apparently is only available from REI.

I Googled on it, and see it in a lot of places on the web. Amazon has a listing for it, but it is not in stock and it has it at a lower price. So not sure if its truly exclusive to REI or REI is saying it's only available online as opposed to their retail stores.

Very cool if REI was able to land an exclusive, but I don't have to have this device today (I need it soon though :) ).

My Garmin GPSMap 60Csx has served me very well, so well that I can't wait to get my hands on Garmin's latest!

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Anonymous said...

its only supposedly exclusive at REI until 2/11/08