Introducing Adesh and Sugandi

One Sunday last October the brother of the founder/pastor of our church gave an impassioned talk about his work with orphans (most orphaned by the 2004 Tsunami) in Sri Lanka. By the time he finished, everyone in the congregation was beating down his door to sponsor kids in his orphanage. Amy and I decided to sponsor two kids (in addition to donations to Adam Salmon's organization, Asiana Education Development which help keep the sponsored donations going 100% to the kids), about Spencer and Garrett's ages, and used the opportunity to teach Spencer and Garrett about others that aren't as fortunate as we are in the United States. Spencer's sensitive side, while not conducive to playing sports, definitely comes to the surface when it comes to helping others.

Our pastor went to Sri Lanka with his daughter a couple months back, and in going over we were able to send a couple care packages with them (which I proudly say that I did the shopping for and Amy says I did a decent job). Lots of pictures were taken, and Friday night we had Charlie (our pastor) and his wife over for dinner, and they bought their laptop and showed us pictures of their visit and specifically the two kids we are sponsoring. Their precious pictures follow...

This is Adesh, who attends the Kalpuwa Sri Leadership Academy, getting his care package from us. He is four years old, and we get cards from him every Christian holiday.

This is Sugandi, who lives at the Samudra Sri Children's home, with a look of "what am I supposed to do with this?" She is six or seven.

This is just a great picture. We sent family photos of ourselves with the care packages.

There are a ton of pictures of the campus here.

A big thank you to Charlie and his wonderful wife for giving us a personal presentation.


Yanqing said...

Very nice.

Mom said...

I'm sure you are receiving as much as you are giving! What great lessons for Spencer and Garrett.

J. Heuer said...

Feels nice, doesn't it? We are supporting an orphanage in Africa. Kids are approaching college age now, and we are going to sponsor two to study physics and history. Best money we ever spent.