Macy's Dad and Me with the Seahawks Day

Or something like that. For a Father's Day present, Spencer got me a ticket (a hat) to Dad-and-me-Seahawks-Day at Qwest Field. A four hour stint of on-the-field-activities, locker room tours, lunch, and autographs.

We had a good time, Spencer loved the obstacle course and the 40 yard dash, and meeting the Seagals (oh, wait, that was me that enjoyed that). Spencer was disappointed he didn't get to meet his favorite player, Matt Hasselbeck, and he never has been a fan of group lunches, so we ended up leaving a little early. Nonetheless he had fun while it lasted and he wants to go back next year.

Spencer with his best Johnny U impression.

Working the course.

Qwest Field has FieldTurf, and Spence was taken by the little rubber pieces in the fake grass.

Spence giving it his all in his 9.6 40-yd dash time. I think that beats Shaun Rogers.

so far as I know Craig Terrill is the only Boilermaker on the Seahawks, now that Niko Koutivides is gone.

While the thought of Bill Clay Ford Jr. about made me vomit, it was cool visiting the press room and seeing how it connects to the coaches' office.

The next best thing to meeting Matt Hasselbeck, sitting in his locker and wearing his helmet!

Somewhere along the way Spencer learned to equate smile to open wide.

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