So I've heard of Whirlyball, but have never done it before. Our Director took us there Friday as a team-building exercise. Rented a bus (apparently everyone rents buses for every outing there) and headed across Lake Washington to Edmunds. There were 20 of us (we're just the program management team), which made it easy to break up into four teams.

Whirlyball is played in a bumper car, on a court a little smaller than a basketball court, with the player wielding a contraption that I'm sure is called something but I'll call it a wiffle-ball-catcher-and-thrower. The idea is to throw a wiffle ball against your team's vertical net about 2 feet by 2 feet, 10 feet off the ground, with nets on both ends of the court. Not too bad if you are close to it, but hitting that damn net from far away is darn near impossible.

Sounds like a weird game, and it is, but its also fun. Really want to know who had too much Jack Daniels one night and came up with this game. The strategy is pretty simple (take your time on possession, wait for an open person, break to the net, and on defense simply block the lanes to the net). That said very few people on my team were interested in the strategy :) So we had a pathetic 1-5 record for the day.

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