A week in Lake Chelan

I took a week off work and spent a Sunday-through-Sunday in Manson, Washington, on the northern shore of Lake Chelan. Wapato Point was the name of the resort, and we rented a condo for 8 for the week, stuffing 9 and 10 people in it. My folks, my sister, my uncle (for a couple of days), and Amy's folks joined us. Definitely our favorite place to stay so far on our Lake Chelan trips - nice location, excellent views, away from "busy Chelan", all the amenities including indoor/outdoor pools, and a decent price. We're recommending it to our friends.

Didn't get out on the water as much as I would have thought, but spent more time in the pool with the kids than I expected. A fair trade-off. Also did more geocaching than I expected and we even took a little drive north of the area along the Columbia River checking out some smaller towns on the banks.

We couldn't have asked for better weather - I didn't see a cloud until Wednesday, and with the exception of some haze from the forest fires burning 20 miles to the south, the weather was perfect.

On the way to Chelan we stopped at "Disruption Falls." I knew it was a good omen when I caught a glimpse of the Dalai Lama! Even snapped a pic of his holiness.

Right now SmugMug is down, will post pics some other time this week.

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