Microsoft Company Picnic

Actually there are three Microsoft Company Picnics, spread out over three days and two weekends in July, to support all the employees and their families. Interesting enough, it is held at the same location that Amazon held their company picnic - Mountain Meadows at the base of Mount Si in North Bend. Only there are like 10 times as many people at just one of the Microsoft outings, which, if you know me, I hate.

Apparently Microsoft employees have trouble watching their kids (which actually doesn't surprise me having worked there now a couple of months), as we had to put wristbands on Spencer and Garrett with my name and cell phone number on it. I mean, why go through the trouble of doing that for every kid if they hadn't had lots of problems with it in the past? They certainly didn't do it for Amazon.

Nonetheless, we were treated to good weather, good food, and lots of fun for the kids. Although the crowd was daunting enough for even Spencer, and he ended up asking to leave. Fine by me, three hours in a crowd of strangers is my fill for the year.

Yes that's crazy Garrett biting into a BBQ rib. He liked it.

Spencer told me this was a training car for learning how to drive.

Garrett playing hockey, which was hard to pull him away from.

Definitely the coolest thing for kids, the water balloon battles.

The boys coming out of the obstacle course.

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