I no longer fear the Obamunists...

... as apparently we are too far down the path of socialism and dependency to reverse it.

Enough is enough.

I forked over $2000 to bail out Bear Stearns.

Then Congress talked about me forking over $500 to bail out the Big Three failures.

Now I will have to cough up $14,000 to help our government cover the losses from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Wow, and they do that with a straight face?

What logic is there is taking money from people who are responsible and create value and giving it to those that destroy value? Let the companies who can't make it die. There are plenty of successful companies that know what they are doing that need help and are hiring. If you're going to take my money, please put it to good use. Bailing out incompetent companies hardly qualifies.

Enough is enough.

And I guess McCain is Bush's third-term - both sure have a penchant for big government.

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