That was painful, I think

So Purdue lost in double OT to Oregon. Interesting. Interesting because my DVR recording stopped at 1:08 left to go in regulation. Talk about a pet peeve of mine. At least NFL Sunday Ticket allocates four and a half hours to their game slots.

For Purdue to be up 20-3 early in the second quarter and not be able to muster more than 3 points the rest of regulation is a shame. Then again, long stretches of scoring droughts (or even moving the ball droughts) has been a hallmark of Purdue since Brees left, and part of the reason I am excited about getting fresh blood in the coaching ranks next year (although I was hoping some of Danny Hope would start rubbing off this year). Will be nice to watch Purdue run more than 4 different plays on offense. At least I hope they do.

Could be a long year. Glad I didn't stay home to watch this one real-time.

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