Rumors on the Ridge (IGA)

So the IGA, the only grocery store on Snoqualmie Ridge, finally closed up shop after two years in business. Case study for MBA students: high prices and poor selection is not a profitable way to run a grocery store especially when there is plenty of competition. The grocery store in Snoqualmie remodeled recently and is enjoying excellent success.

Rumor has it that a new owner has been identified and it will take three months to get the new store up and running. No idea whether the new owners will be a QFC or Safeway (hopefully one of them). My guess is that the lack of stock the last couple months has been part of a plan to liquidate inventory and that a plan has been in the works for a while to find new owners. Hopefully the new owners can take advantage of a captive market in their backyard.

Wonder why the government isn't looking at bailing them out? You mean this is the way its supposed to work? Good businesses stay in business and bad businesses go out of business? You mean I don't have to fork over tax dollars to pay for bad business decisions of others? Wow, what a concept.

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