You go Megyn Kelly

Watch this undressing of the US Magazine editor. Awesome.

"We didn't have time to research." No kidding, jerkoff. I can't believe he was stupid enough to walk into an interview with Kelly.

I learned a long time ago that women can make me (as a man) look really, really stupid, and it doesn't take much effort on their part to do so. Studies show that on average women are smarter than men. Hence I have learned to leave my mouth shut most of the time (or head off to hang out with male friends instead of setting myself up). Perhaps the men in the media need to take heed before they find themselves out of jobs in the next few weeks.


Boiler Up! Amy said...

Stupid is an understatement here...I just had to laugh!

mt si dad said...

She was very mean to that unprepared so-called editor of the prestigious US magazine.