The Big Ten Network

So this is pretty cool for Directv subscribers. Directv carries all the Big Ten network games live. I thought it would be just the regional game, but all the games are available for basic package subscribers. Very cool. Between the Directv Sports package and the Big Ten Network I am going to be able to catch every Purdue game this year. Boo ya!

A suggestion to the Big Ten Network - do like NFL Sunday Ticket and put four (or more) games on the screen at once and provide red zone alerts for each game. Much easier than toggling through the channels.

It was implied on the Big Ten Network's site that the Big Ten Network broadcasts games in HD and that Directv, when they expand their HD offering (whenver that is, I'm not holding my breath), will have the Big Ten games in HD. Way cool.

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Matt said...

BTN is pretty sweet. Dish Network just turned us on this week!! I was also pleasantly surprised that we were getting all the games. The HD feed is of course only the nat'l game, but that is OK, I suppose.