Good for the Brits

guess I am little more sensitive to this since moving to Seattle, where people don't seem too interested in focusing on driving safely (don't confuse slow with safe), so I kinda like the idea of people serving time for talking on their cell phone while driving.

Actually, I do think jail time is harsh. But at least they are taking notice of it.

If it were up to me, I would ban mobile phones altogether. If we're going to do away with freedom and capitalism in this county (like banning smoking in private businesses and trans fat from food), why not just ban mobile phones and be done with it? While I certainly wouldn't support such a ban since I feel it is against the freedoms this country is based upon, I wouldn't shed a tear, either, if I didn't have to watch a driver swerve into my lane while trying to make a call or listen to a myriad of conversations while watching Spencer's Tae Kwon Do in what is supposed-to-be-the-quiet-gallery.

I am for any law allowing me to punch a public cell phone talker in the nose.

By the way, I'm starting to learn that the slow-ass drivers in Seattle tend to be ones text messaging on their damn phones!

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