NFL Sunday Ticket Player Tracker

I am not sure if this is new or I just haven't paid attention in past years, but I tried the Player Tracker feature this morning. I think it's a feature that comes with the new DVR, as it requires you to press some special buttons on the new remote to interact with it. You get a menu of options allowing you to display scores or the player tracker on the screen, or go straight to the red zone channel or the game mix channel.

Anyway, back to the player tracker. Apparently it allows you to mark players that you want to receive alerts on throughout the day. Hopefully not every yard gained but just scores. I was impressed with how easy it was to set up - about three minutes to do both my team and my opponents team. It shows a menu of teams that you can cycle through, and clicking on a team brings up their starters and a defense entry - just mark the player you want to track. Excellent usability and excellent efficiency.

Directv and Yahoo should team up to combine content and delivery. That would be a killer combination.

Of course, if this is annoying, it is easily turned off.

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