A Lions Victory

For the third time in five years the Detroit Lions won their opening game, this time on the road against a pretty pathetic Oakland Raiders squad. Despite the Raiders lack of competence, I came away pretty impressed with the Lions (of course I was impressed last year too and see where that got the Lions). At least if the Lions are going to lose I'd like them to lose looking good. Which is more than I can say about the Lions under Ross, Mohrniweg, and Mariucci.

With the exception of the running game, I thought this team looked pretty solid all the way around. I think this team is going to surprise some people, and I think a .500 record this year is possible. Nice to see Calvin Johnson grab a TD pass, although Charles Rogers had two TDs in his debut and he looked like a world beater back then.

Also nice to see Shaun Rogers back in the lineup making plays, and nice to see Kalimba Edwards get to the QB. This defensive line looks pretty solid, which it needs to be given the lack of run support at LB and lack of cover corners.

Enjoyed watching the game today with friends, even if we did lose the HD signal for the first half. Damn you Directv!

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