The coming of the Messiah

I've been studying Hebrew lately, and tranlating the New Testament of the Good Book for good practice. I've found my translations differ greatly from the King James version. Let's take Revelations 11:19 for example...

And you will know to prepare for my return when the BCS shall take Notre Dame into its bowl games despite Notre Dame's suckiness, and thus Notre Dame will be embarassed in front of the world with its performance in said bowl games. As my return draws near I will mark the time one week in advance when the arrogance that is Notre Dame and the pompousness that is Michigan will both begin the football season 0-2. And when the clock striketh 0:00 one week from that time and you see that two teams hath both lost on a single field of battle, you will know my name is the Lord. And a great gate to the heavens will open from the field through the north end zone and into my open arms. And the evil that is Notre Dame will be banished from bowl games forever.

Or something like that.

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James Q Reagan said...

Yay though I walk into the Big House or in front of Touchdown Jesus, I will fear neither team cuz dey ain't s___